Diamonds, with their enduring value, rarity, and stunning beauty, have long-inspired interesting superstitions. These are given credence, even today, by many who have studied diamond lore and follow the history of this beautiful gem.

Certain early Hindu Rajahs were oppressive and cruel, and the history of the gems that they passed on to their successors is the basis of this ancient superstition. In every case, believers of the legend assert, such stones — with their history of bloodshed and crime, treachery and infidelity — have become omens of bad luck.

Once a diamond is mined, it goes on,  through the years and down the ages. There is no deterioration, no decay, no wear — only a never-ending, ever-changing ownership, often influencing the life and fortune of each successive wearer. There has always been a supply of second-hand diamonds on the market, some of them, of course, with none-too-savory a past

Such is the inevitable. Every year an increasing number stones which have been lost, sold, or stolen are finding their way back into the regular channels of trade. Yet how much more appealing would a diamond be if it never before had been individually owned or worn, if no thought of previous owners or past associations could enter to mar its possession. A beautiful gem which lasts forever but whose history begins with you.

The Virgin Diamond™ has set out to make this possible. Today, TVD™ offers Virgin Diamonds, which have never before been owned or worn. Whether or not you believe in the curse of the Rajah’s gems, no longer do you need to worry about the history of your gem. No bloodshed, no broken engagements, and no curse. Every Virgin Diamond from TVD™ is completely certified. We guarantee that you, the purchaser, are the first to own and especially the first to wear this magnificent stone.

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