What is The Virgin Diamond?

The Virgin Diamond™ (TVD) starts its life as a rough stone. First, a professional cutter turns the rough diamond into a beautiful work of art. The diamond is then polished and submitted to a GIA or AGS gemological lab for grading. If it meets our strict criteria, it is then made available to you. After you purchase the diamond, we send it to be certified again by an independent company called GCAL. GCAL verifies that your diamond original grading report is accurate and it meets The Virgin Diamond’s strict standards.


What constitutes a Virgin Diamond?

A Virgin Diamond can only be a virgin once and it cannot be owned by a diamond broker, wholesaler, or even a The Virgin Diamond™ retailer. The Virgin Diamond comes straight from the mines to you. A Virgin Diamond is never recycled, never recut, never worn– a diamond whose history truly begins with you!

What’s the advantage of The Virgin Diamond?

The advantage is two-fold:

First – When you’re the first to buy your Virgin Diamond, you control its history. You know you’re the first person to ever own this diamond. You never have to question whether it came from a broken engagement, an ended marriage, or a hardship where it had to be given away.  A diamond lasts forever, but it should be your forever.  The provenance of your diamond is secure with The Virgin Diamond™.

Second: The Virgin Diamond™ is an incredible value! We cut out the middleman and bring the diamond direct from the mines to you. This avoids all of the added fees and markups that standard retailers charge! The Virgin Diamond™ is the only way around the intermediaries and their price hikes. It’s impossible for you to buy a similar quality diamond for less, anywhere in the world!

Isn’t Every Diamond a Virgin Diamond Once?

Every rough stone, cut to a beautiful diamond, is considered a virgin; however this will only last for a brief time. The diamond brokers will buy the stones, sometimes within seconds of them being made available, and thus they are the owners of these virgin stones. Any consumer is the second owner at best. The Virgin Diamond™ makes these stones available to consumers before the brokers have had a chance to purchase them, and certifies each Virgin Diamond stone to be direct from the mines to you. This is what makes The Virgin Diamond™ so special and difficult to obtain. Whether you’re in the market for a $1,000 or $200,000 diamond, wouldn’t you rather own a virgin?

What if a retailer tells me their diamond is a virgin?

Provenance is easy to establish.  Does the retailer own the diamond? If the answer is yes, then it’s not a virgin. Unless the retailer is also a mine owner and obtains the diamond rough, and then sells it to you directly, the stone is not a virgin. In most cases retailers buy their diamonds from wholesalers and brokers, who obtain stones through multiple, sometimes unsavory, means. Another way to determine how old the diamond is, is to check the lab report. The lab report can tell you the history of the stone. A lab report that shows a diamond graded years ago means that the diamond has been shopped around or owned by someone else. Still, a new lab report may not make it a virgin diamond either; used diamonds are often re-cut and resubmitted to labs for a brand-new grading report.



Before being shipped, The Virgin Diamond™ will go through a authentication process. During authentication, the diamond receives a laser inscription of a “V” logo to certify that it is an authentic Virgin Diamond. The Virgin Diamond™ Certificate of Authenticity accompanies every diamond sold. The original owner’s information is also securely stored in our databases for future authentication.


The journey to your Virgin Diamond starts by sending a request to us. We will have one of our team members contact you to start the search for your Virgin Diamond. Once your diamond is matched, you will have option to obtain your diamond at a local The Virgin Diamond™ affiliate retailer, or direct from us. If you choose to obtain The Virgin Diamond™ from one of our retail partners, the retailer will NOT buy this diamond for you; you are buying it. The diamond will be sold to you at current market value, so you’re getting the best possible price while being assured of its history.

Can I return The Virgin Diamond ?

The Virgin Diamond™ can only be a Virgin once, and we can no longer resell it as a Virgin Diamond. The Virgin Diamond™ will not purchase your diamond; however, some authorized retailers will. We and our retail partners go to great lengths to get you the perfect stone. Once we do, and you agree to purchase it, we go to greater lengths to authenticate and preserve your ownership forever.