The Virgin Diamond is a unique diamond brand  that only sells diamonds directly from “Mine to Hand”. Meaning, a Virgin Diamond has never been owned, never been worn by anyone. You will be the first to wear this beautiful gem- The history begins with you.

In the diamond industry, there is a misconception by consumers that the diamonds they are buying are new and never worn—but that is not always the case. In fact, the jewelry industry does not distinguish between new and used diamonds.

Why would this matter to you? The love of your life deserves a diamond as pure as your love. Don’t waste your time with a recycled diamond with a marred diamond lineage.  Instead, choose a Virgin Diamond where its History truly begins with you?


Brendon Willenkamp

Louis Valentine

Brendon Willenkamp and Louis Valentine, are the co-founders of The Virgin Diamond (TVD).  They developed the Virgin Diamond because they want to bring transparency to you and offer consumers a diamond that was guaranteed to be certified new…Mine to Hand.

They are not your typical jewelers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love jewelry. Together Brendon and Louis have over twenty-two years experience in the jewelry industry and are determined to find the perfect “Virgin” diamond for your Engagement, Anniversary, or any special occasion.

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